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Video surveillance installation, Intrusion Security Alarms and TV and Satellite Antennas. 

Our area of intervention stretches out on the Alpes Maritimes department and the east of the Var.

Our services

video surveillance cameras

Photo d'un objectif de caméra de vidéosurveillance

The video surveillance cameras offered:

  • so-called “classic” video surveillance cameras of minimum category 2
  • thermal cameras  to prevent intrusions or fire outbreaks
  • marine cameras
  • spy cameras
  • cameras reading license plates  with or without listing management.
  • other  cameras  equipped  with artificial intelligence  such as Deep Learning. With virtual crossing line connected to an alarm center with or without audible feedback for example (custom-made systems are also possible)
  • solar powered cameras  if delivering a power supply seems impossible or complex to implement.

For large sites, or for specific needs, the installation of  VMS  proves to be a wise and efficient choice: situation management, supervision and control of equipment, possible intelligence algorithms.  We also offer NAS systems   (major brands) to store and use data efficiently and autonomously. These systems are scalable.


We can carry out demonstrations in our premises, both indoors and outdoors, to assess the operation of the system and the quality of the equipment.


The  CCTV cameras  we offer are of premium quality, belonging to category 2 or above, from renowned brands such as  HIKVISION, TKH, VIVOTECH,  and other top brands. They are designed to enable precise identification, rather than simply to resolve doubts or recognize objects. They are tested beforehand in our laboratory. The systems are mainly  IP/POE technology  (category 7 cabling) or on  fiber optic support  depending on needs.

The equipment is modular and scalable and allows 24/7 recording with  motion detection  to facilitate research.  The installed hard drives have the option of data backup in case of failure and specific to video surveillance.


Depending on the configurations, it is sometimes necessary to transfer the signal from one point to another, without cabling. For this, we use  radio bridges  ( point-to-point ) and not classic wifi bridges (multidirectional) for more performance and to establish a  secure connection.

Satellite TV Antenna & Internet

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 TV Antenna Reception

We carry out, whether for the  collective  or  individuals , the installations  or  maintenance  of  TV reception  via  satellite  and/or terrestrial for the reception of all  programs ,  bouquets  or  French and foreign channels  “receivable” on the desired site.

Our head stations can be set up on a visually protected site for aesthetic reasons.

We can carry out a personalized study on all of your projects.

Internet Satellite

We work mainly with  Nord Net or  Europasat and  Starlink . Our installations are carried out with the greatest rigor to ensure maximum performance of our systems.  Satellite internet access on the emission reception basis is completely autonomous and can be used alone or in pairs to reinforce an existing ADSL backup access or to ensure telephone transmission in terms of  security .

We can also carry out the necessary tests on your network to check the quality of the flows through our equipment.  Our skills in the field of internet access also allow us to provide HF (High Frequency) transmission and create hotspots, among other related services.  It is also possible to use our mobile systems for special events.

Security Intrusions

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Access control

There are multiple access control solutions   we offer:

    • traditional badge systems
    • biometrics
    • intercom , manageable remotely depending on model
    • hyper
    • camera for reading license plates in order to control the opening of gates, garage doors, barriers, etc. (specific conditions to be respected for the proper functioning of the device, other options are available with this system (example: black list, whitelist) at the customer’s request

Anti-intrusion alarms

We mainly install and maintain  anti-intrusion systems  to  NFA2P standards from the DSC, PARDOX, Aritec  and  AJAX  brands  . These  wireless and/or hybrid systems  offer a wide choice of options so that they are  modular and scalable  regardless of the user: professional or individual. They are compatible with  remote monitoring centers  and  controllable by the cloud . They also have a specific protocol to secure the systems as much as possible.

The AJAX brand also allows you to have products with a clean and modern design. DSC, Paradox and Aritec brand intrusion systems are used mainly by professionals.

Musical atmosphere & Effects Sound & Video broadcast

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For the comfort of our customers, we can, via traditional, computer or wireless networks:

    • Carry out  audio  and/or  video distribution  for  ambient musical or sound system broadcasting ,
    • Set up a  media library  with a server of any type in the home or workplace

All our  multimedia  and home automation systems can be interconnected by the same graphical interface.

Through our  network interfaces  adaptable to all possible configurations, we can  control all electrical equipment  in the home or tertiary sector, and create tailor-made automation systems.

All our systems are separable, in the event of a failure, it will be possible to return to manual use very easily while a repair is carried out.

Remote Access & Cloud

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Secure Remote Viewing

In order to easily control your environment remotely 7 days a week , it is possible to view videos   via a  smartphone ,  tablet  or  PC  by creating a  secure connection  . It is imperative to have a fiber, 4G, 5G, ADSL or satellite subscription with comfortable bandwidth.

Internet management and subscription can be included in our services (excluding operator work if this is necessary for installation). We can also offer  periodic checks to ensure that  your  video surveillance system  is functioning  properly  and be responsive if necessary.

Cloud Hosting & Remote Maintenance

It is possible to host the videos  on an external cloud server (specific cloud) with or without on-site recording.  The  cloud  that we offer you is specific to  video surveillance  and is based in Europe.

This hosting has a dual function, it allows you to benefit from  proactive maintenance and to carry out remote  maintenance  to reduce  interventions .

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Security is a topic getting more and more popular, and that is no surprise.

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