The compagny Electronixe offers in the field of weak electrical current, with some activities of installation and maintenance.  Our area of intervention stretches out on the Alpes Maritimes department and the east of the Var.

At the edge of the technology

15/12/2023 : Anti-trepassing and cctv of a villa

Discreet perimeter protection and design of a villa accompanied by CCTV…
maison avec un système d'alarme et de videosurveillance

14/11/2023 : Videoconferencing equipment for small, medium and large rooms

In order to carry out immersive meetings, effective collaborations with a complete view of all participants, and quality sound, Java & Poly offer easy-to-use and efficient products

20/10/2023 : Registration of license plates, LAPI camera

In order to record the registration plates of vehicles crossing the entrance to the parking lot of a residence, the camera and the recorder installed made it possible to capture photos of each plate and to establish a listing of the plates according to the hours of passage

photo ecran visualisant une liste de plaque d'immatriculation et les photos

19/09/2023 : Regulations concerning video surveillance

pictogramme triangulaire sur fond jaune avec une camera et des textes reglementaires

Depending on the case, it is necessary to respect the rules mentioned by the CNIL.

At home

In order to secure their home and fight against burglaries, each individual must film only the interior of their property (and not the neighbors, public roads or even their car parked in a private access which does not belong to them)

You must also be careful to respect the image rights of your family members, friends and guests.

When people outside the family work in the home (caregiver, nanny, etc.), it is imperative to inform them of the existence of cameras and why there are this type of device. It is therefore strongly recommended to inform each person upon entering the property by an explicit poster with a camera logo for example. Home video surveillance devices are not subject to personal data protection rules.

In a residential building

19/08/2023 : Remote verification & maintenance of video surveillance systems

main symbolisant le parametrage humain dans le virtuel

We offer annual contracts: monitoring the operation of the system remotely (remote maintenance) every 48 hours (checking the status of the system: online or offline, live operation, recording operation –> information to the manager in case of anomalies)

We can also adjust and maintain your video systems remotely to limit costs and improve responsiveness.

04/07/2023 : Internet Satellite Starlink

photo de la terre avec une matrice virtuelle et le logo stralink

With its satellites positioned in low orbit, STARLINK gains performance compared to the classic satellite internet offer that can be found on the market. This allows you to have high-speed internet in areas not connected to the FIBER network with a clear view of the sky. In addition, the equipment is designer and there are several offers depending on the need.


cloud et vms dédiée à la vidéo protection

We offer cloud hosting specific to video surveillance with an easy-to-use interface in order to provide an alternative solution, and to best meet the customer’s needs, with or without the presence of local recording.

The dedicated cloud provides us with analysis and identification intelligence using traditional on-site cameras.

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